Epidemiology and Data Science in Adolescent and Young Adult Health

Vision: We study downstream health effects of adolescent and young adult behaviors to inform guidelines and interventions to prevent disease later in adulthood.

Research Summary: We leverage large national epidemiological data sets to understand health consequences of adolescent and young adult behaviors.

Health behaviors we study:

  • Nutrition and eating behaviors (eating disorders, disordered eating behaviors particularly in males)
  • Physical activity, exercise, sedentary behaviors
  • Digital technology use, screen time, social media
  • Muscle-enhancing behaviors
  • Substance use and misuse (including alcohol, appearance and performance-enhancing substances, androgenic anabolic steroids)
  • Sexual risk behaviors

Health outcomes we study:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Mental health
  • HIV and sexually transmitted infections

Research Topics

Eating Disorders and Body Image in Sexual and Gender Minority Populations

We study eating disorders and body image in LGBTQ+ populations through The PRIDE Study, a large national cohort of sexual and gender minority people.

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Global Health Research

Global Adolescent Health Research in Collaboration with the World Health Organization

Sub-Saharan Africa Research, Including Shamba Maisha Study (Kenya)

International Collaborations on Eating Disorders and Muscularity-Oriented Disordered Eating